Welcome to Rockhopper Sound

I am a sound engineer offering services covering:

You may also see the Rockhopper Sound name, and Eric the penguin, on a small number of music events.

Recording desk

Live Sound

I have experience with digital and analogue mixers, both front of house (FOH) and monitors. Although I have worked on a few theatre shows, the bulk of my experience is with small venues (under 500 capacity) running FOH and monitors from a single desk.

Please contact me for details of the system and to discuss your needs.

Small venue gig

Small Venue PA Hire

I have put together a system especially for smaller venues. It provides high quality sound with sufficient power for 100-200 people, depending upon the nature of the music. A key feature is minimising the floorspace and visual obstruction, maximising the space available and ensuring the audience can see the show rather than the PA.

A full range of modern and vintage stage vocal and instrument mics is available as well as DI boxes and stands.

Please contact me for details of the system and to discuss your needs.

Microphone for recording

Recording, Mixing & Mastering

Are you a solo artist? A duo? A band? Do you want a set of demo tracks? For solo and duo I can record you at my home. For bands I have access to a studio. You can choose to just take the raw tracks, or I will mix and master for distribution as single tracks, or matched so as to work as an album.

A selection of studio mics is available as well as DI boxes to ensure good quality tracking.

Please contact me for details of the system and to discuss your needs.

About me

I have been a gigging bass player for over 20 years and for most of that time I have “done the sound” for the bands in which I played.

Richard Taylor of Rockhopper sound with Albert Lee and Chris
Richard Taylor (right) of Rockhopper Sound with Albert Lee and Chris

In 2005 I attended Soundcraft’s Going Live short course learning from the likes of Andy May (Status Quo, Gary Moore) and “Big Mick” Hughes (Metallica). This lead to an inevitable upgrade in equipment (there’s always an excuse to shop for gear) and subsequently being asked to provide PA and engineering for a number of interesting shows from a Moody Blues tribute in theatres to an all day festival of solo acts and bands.

Having studied Communications Engineering (electronics with a strong bent to signal processing) and then a career in IT, the age of the digital mixer has brought together my passions and training together: music, sound, and digital computing. In 2017 I invested in the Behringer X32 Rack and have never looked back.

Earlier this year I semi-retired from professional IT and am now focussing my energies and a variety of music and sound related projects.

My journey in music and sound have presented me with some unforgettable moments and I am privileged to have worked with some wonderful people and bands.

A few highlights are:

  • Albert Lee @ Shanklin Theatre (assistant FOH)
  • Blue Onyx (Moody Blues tribute) @ Henley Theatre (engineered PA)
  • California Dreamers @ Ventnor Fringe (engineered PA)
  • Casino Moon @ Ventnor Fringe (engineered PA & recording)
  • Kindred Spirit (prog folk rock) @ several venues (engineered PA)
  • Pete Roth Trio @ Ventnor Fringe (engineered PA & recording)
  • Surrey Blues Society Annual Festival (engineered PA)
  • Think Floyd @ Shanklin Theatre (monitor engineer)

… and many other wonderful and talented musicians